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Tim Drayton
Apartment 201, Kola 2, Mihail Angelou No 4, Agios Athanasios, 4104 Lemesos, Cyprus
telephone   +357 25811108
fax   +357 25811108


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Linguist by academic training: MA (hons) in Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh
Exceptionally good knowledge of Turkish language and culture: Resident in Turkey from 1987-1999, living for much of the time as a fully integrated member of local society. Hands-on experience of the Turkish business and financial world. Real grasp of the language on an idiomatic level that can only come from lengthy first-hand experience.
Good general knowledge and writing style: Good knowledge of business, finance, politics, social sciences. Above all, ability to write. End results that read like genuine English copy.
Qualified and certified Turkish translator: Holder of prestigious qualifications from the Institute of Linguists, which have official status in the UK.

Inspect copies of my diplomas (may take a few moments to download).
IoL Diploma in Translation from Turkish into English  Membership of the Institute of Linguists